P.H.A.G.E. stands for Phages for Human Applications Group Europe.

We are an international non-profit organization aiming to support phage research and phage therapy in Europe and to develop a specific regulatory framework for phage therapy in Europe.

Founded in 2009 as a way to explore and develop a sustainable alternative to the threatening appearance of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, our membership grew to almost 300 members as of February 2013.
Our members are typically scientists, medical doctors and specialists in the fields of health economics and legal, regulatory or quality control matters.


On this picture: Participants VoM2010 Paris

On this picture: Participants VoM2012 Brussels


On this picture: Participants VoM2014 Zurich


We look forward to the VoM2016 Liverpool

Executive Board

The Executive Board consists of the following board members: 

  • Jean-Paul Pirnay
  • Gilbert Verbeken
  • Isabelle Huys
  • Christine Rohde
  • Thomas Rose
  • Daniel De Vos
  • Olivier Patey
  • Maia Merabishvili
  • Laurent Debarbieux
  • Joonas Parikka
  • Bob Blasdel